Introducing Labbit, the Intelligent Lab System

Regular readers of Semaphore’s blog know that over the last decade we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of hours building software for some of the most innovative, fastest growing laboratories in the world. Our clients know that we have refined our process for collaboration across interdisciplinary teams into a pipeline that produces high-quality and repeatable work.

Labbit is a concept we’ve been working on for the past 5 years. Over that time we’ve taken everything we’ve learned about what slows labs down and put it into the design and development of what we call an Intelligent Lab System. And we’re really excited to start talking about it in public.

What is Labbit? Labbit Intelligent Lab System is an adaptable end-to-end software solution for molecular diagnostics laboratories to speed up their cycle of assay innovation. Labbit is more than just a LIMS; it’s a data- and automation-first platform that manages nearly every aspect of a diagnostic lab’s operations.

When we were architecting Labbit, we worked hard to ensure that the system would be as future-proof as possible. In Labbit, we’ve achieved the perfect combination of our proven methodology, tried-and-true technologies that we use every day as software developers, and technologies that were long overdue for introduction into the laboratory informatics space.

Some of those technologies we’re excited about introducing include:

  • Visual workflow design using the BPMN standard, thus removing friction commonly experienced by lab staff when configuring a LIMS.
  • Infrastructure automation, seamlessly creating new Labbit environments and adding a new dimension of automation to your informatics systems.
  • A knowledge graph database to capture your samples’ data with the highest possible fidelity so you have a complete, auditable history immutably stored in a centralized, standardized way. Critically, this way of storing and managing data doesn’t require knowing up front what queries or reports you want to run.

Visit our new website to learn more about Labbit, and contact us if you’re interested in learning more about how Labbit could improve your lab’s operations. Or, sign up here to be put on our mailing list and receive the latest Labbit updates.