EMR (Electronic Medical Records) & Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integrations.

Current Challenges, Needs, and Solutions for Molecular Diagnostics Labs

The Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the latest research and how it can be brought into clinical practice to improve people’s everyday lives. Every time I attend this conference, I’m excited by the potential for applying scientific discoveries at scale. This year, the conference was the first many of us have […]

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From Paper to Digital: How One Molecular Pathology Lab Upgraded its Informatics

A lab’s informatics system is critical for its effective operation. As we discussed in a previous post, in the early stages of a lab’s business development, a complex system might not be necessary—the lab could simply use word processing or spreadsheet software. But as labs develop new tests and ramp up throughput, a robust informatics system becomes increasingly necessary. In […]

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6 Powerful Ways to Automate Your Next-Generation Sequencing Lab

For low-throughput labs, manual processing might be the simplest and best way to operate. But for high-throughput labs, automation is the key tool needed to boost speed and efficiency. Every process you currently perform manually is an opportunity for incremental improvement. So, it makes sense to automate as many processes as possible once your monthly throughput exceeds a certain threshold. […]

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How to Overcome the Technical Challenges of Lab Integrations

In our previous post, we discussed three types of lab software integrations and the value of each for NGS clinical diagnostic laboratories. In this post, we’ll look at some of the key technical challenges labs face with each type of integration and how the right integrator can help you address them. Once lab and technical leads have recognized the importance […]

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How Integrations Can Improve Your Lab’s Performance

All NGS clinical diagnostic laboratories want to run more efficiently—it’s a necessity if they want to remain competitive. They need to streamline laboratory workflows, save on labor costs, and scale their operations to meet demand, such as with the current calls for additional COVID-19 testing capacity. But it goes further than that. To keep their highly skilled employees engaged and […]

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Consultant’s Perspective of a Clinical Lab’s Software Stack

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) clinical laboratories rely on different types of software to meet their business and laboratory needs. Leading laboratories often work with experienced software consultants to make sure that each piece of software is verified and validated, and set up using the best software engineering practices, integrations, and automations. Key Clinical Laboratory Systems Fulfilled by Software The software systems […]

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